The Band

Simon UnderwoodSimon Underwood – lead guitar and vocals

Simon has been playing the guitar since he was 13, and he’s not saying how old he is now!  The first thing he ever played in public was ‘Apache’ at a school concert, and he’s been trying to get it right ever since.

He’s played in various bands over the years, covering blues, rock, function bands, party bands, and played for numerous shows at theatres round Sussex.  He was also with Late Shift, a covers band doing the rounds of pubs, clubs and functions in Sussex, but Specs Appeal brings him right back to his roots with the music of the Shadows being one of his main influences, although he’s too young to remember much about them the first time round.

Chris Emmett- rhythm guitar

Chris 1 Chris hails from the little Sussex fishing village of Port Salade and been playing the guitar for a length of time that he won’t admit to. In recent years he’s being doing a lot of show work playing in pit bands, but a recent highlight was playing guitar for a new work, ‘Jason And The Argonauts’, that premiered at the Brighton Festival Fringe, playing alongside none other than veteran bassist Herbie Flowers. Specs Appeal is a departure for him in that he’s having to get used to playing standing up. He’s also bumped into Bruce Welch in the street and reckons that Bruce must have recognised him from his photo on here.


Peter WebbPeter Webb – bass guitar

This is the third fourth band in a row that Peter has been in with Simon, and they can’t seem to shake each other off.  He was also a member of Late Shift with Simon, so at one point they were actually in two bands together at the same time.  They tried not to get confused between the two.

Like the others, he has an impressive list of band and show work.

Peter has also been known to play the violin and the mandolin, but there isn’t likely to be any provision in Specs Appeal for featuring these particular skills.

Mark Winter – drums

Mark hails from Crawley, but the rest of the band aren’t holding that against him. He’s played in numerous Shadows tribute bands over the years, and has slotted straight in. Like the others, he has an impressive list of work.

Mark crop

Jon BorthwickJon Borthwick – lead and backing vocals

Specs Appeal do quite a few Cliff vocals in their set, and at certain shows, these are more than ably taken care of by Jon.

Jon is the leading light in ‘With Style Entertainment’, and somewhat incongruously, is also Peacehaven’s Town Crier!  He doesn’t use a microphone for that. He is also a member of Lewes Operatic Society and has appeared in all their recent productions.